About SpoofIT

About SpoofIT

A large part of the denial of service attacks are powered by providers and transit carriers that allow traffic to be spoofed from their networks. There are enough technical means and community understanding to identify  where the attacks are sourced but nothing seems to change.

Are those allowing spoofing and protecting spoof-based services as stress testers taking any reasonable precaution for those attacks not to happen?

Hosting and upstream providers route millions of packets per second with spoofed address. Looking to the other way seems a business strategy when it is done year after year. Leaving routers without proper filtering a convenient feature to attract certain actors.

In Spoof IT, we believe that it has come to a time where creative actions are needed and attackers and their shameless supporters need to be exposed.

Join us. Let us know.

Shitteru koto dake, nandemo shitteru wake de wa nai yo

How can I help?

In SpoofIT, we release “S” Files. The “S” Files are our effort to expose attackers and their supporters.

We have received numerous requests of readers that want to help. The best way to collaborate is to release any verifiable information that can help us write one of the “S Files”. If you are tired of shameless actors and can contribute. Join us!

Current needs

  • If you know how Social Media works and can help making our effort known. Shout!
  • If you can draw and can make small cartoons about of the “S” files. Draw!
  • If you work in a company where they don’t care about bad traffic and can explain how and why. Write to us!
  • If you are lawyer and like what we do, it might be a good idea to know that you exist!
  • If you can hack code and have ideas how to build tools for the “S” Files. Bring them on!