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After VDOS booter shut down in early September 2016, other similar services also stopped working. That was the first obvious evidence that several other services might be using the same VDOS backends, the “engine” powering the attacks.

A quick review of the operative status of other “Stress Testing Services” during the 10-11th of September showed that the following booters stopped working.

The “XYZ” booter

We were already aware that the domains, and were closely connected to the Hackforums’ users Rainbow and Poni Walker.

These services were frequently endorsed by Apple J4ck, owner of VDOS. So why Apple J4ck (Yarden Bidani) was endorsing other stress testers?

AppleJ4ck vouching inboot
AppleJ4ck vouching

Data released by DDOS investigations, the person that leaked data from VDOS servers, confirms that was in fact using VDOS as the backend engine.

In the leak, API requests from were recorded from IP address that resolves as and - - [22/Sep/2015:14:04:26 +0200] "GET /?host=109.X.X.97&port=80&time=10&method=ntp&serverid=0&1337 HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "xyz"

Notice the string xyz in all the log entries. ordered 180.000 attacks using the VDOS API from September 2015 to May 2016.

It is not the first time that PONI Walker is interested in purchasing booter APIs from other suppliers.

A remote access to a booter service allows re-sellers to build their own booter presence without the need of operating the backend infrastructure.

Proginter interested in API from ServerBooot @ Lite.Host
Proginter interested in API from ServerBooot @ Lite.Host

Who is PROG INTER? is the hosting provider run promoted by “Poni Walker” aka as Naftali. Naftali does web development projects and as many other actors in the stress testing scene provides both attack and defense services.

Archived documents from the site run by “Proginter Eden” include technical a set of descriptions of how DNS amplification works. DNS Amplification

Naftali “Eden Hen” also works as public relations and promoter of local musicians helping them increasing the “Internet visibility”.

Auto Like SEO Proginter
Auto Like SEO Proginter
Naftali - Eden Hen - Poni Walker
Naftali – Poni Walker – Eden Hen?
SEO Poni Walker
SEO Poni Walker

What is going on with all those Ponis?

The actors in this case seem to be part of an informal group known as the “Poni Squad”. Members of the group have used the names Rainbow, Spai3n (now GoldSpiderr).

Who are some of the members of “My Little Pony”? Rainbox, Applejack…

Rainbox  Booter,xyz @RainbowReturns

Poni Walker, Proginter and social media

In his FB social media profile Poni Walker presents himself as a “מני קיצוני” right-wing extremist.


Internet resources allocated to PROGINTER in RIPE can be found here


Update 15th October 2016

New information received points to the same actor supporting the stress testing service and using the ID, 1Kodak.